ZooMontana will not open until 12:00pm on SUNDAY AUGUST 3RD.  The Zoo will be hosting the NAMI Billings Bike Ride and for the safety of our guests the Zoo will remain closed during the race.  See you at 12:00!



Rentals: Amenities


Prices are effective October 1, 2012 and are subject to change.

Please see our Facility Use Agreement for more details.






Tent Rentals:

120' x 60'... $3,500 (300 ppl seated - depending on table setup)

60' x 60'...   $2,500 (150 ppl seated - depending on table setup)

40' x 40'...   $1,000 [Hexagon Tent]  (100 ppl seated - depending on table setup)

10' x 10'...   $75


Tent Walls:

Walls are available on any or all sides of the 120' x '60' tent.  Use of the walls incurs a fee of $150 per side and adds $100 to your damage deposit.  Zoo staff will install with proper notice.

Cathedral Windowed Walls are available for the Hexagon tent only and add an additional $250 for full surround walls with zippered/ tie back doors.  Also adds $100 to your damage deposit






White folding...  $1 Each (320 Available)






White Folding, 30" x 96" Rectangle... $7 Each (80 Available)



Click HERE to see our available Venues.



For more information, contact our Events Coordinator at 406-652-8100 ext. 213,

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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